A young woman smiles with art in the background

Creating new pathways out of homelessness

Tubman’s latest youth housing, Safe Journeys, is a haven for youth experiencing homelessness. This transitional housing and shelter site also offers onsite services to help youth reconnect with their life goals.

“This is a population that faces a lot of stereotypes. We work to engage youth and the community in realizing a young person’s full potential. It’s also essential that we build trust with youth and let them know we hear them and support their plans to move forward” said Tamara Stark, director of youth, family and sustainability services.

Tubman makes youth active partners in their journeys to stability, working with youth on short and long-term goal setting and providing a suite of onsite services in addition to stable housing. Whether a youth needs assistance with basic needs, reconnecting to education, finding employment, accessing mental or physical health care or legal advice, Safe Journeys staff members can collaborate with youth to set next steps.

Tubman meets youth where they are at during a critical time in their lives. Addressing the barriers youth face to finding housing, employment and education and helping youth exit homelessness quickly can ensure youth avoid long-term homelessness as well as mental and physical health issues.

Since opening in August of 2015, with financial support from F. R. Bigelow Foundation, Safe Journeys has helped 70 youth get back on their feet and move toward independence. Safe Journeys can house up to 24 youth and young parents at a time. The average length of stay is six months before youth are able to transition to more permanent housing.

“Young people want to do well. Every day I see youth who are ready to succeed, they just need accesses to resources and to people who support them. It’s so important for their growth and development that we, as community members, step up and match their determination to succeed,” said Stark.