Portrait of Dustin Moretz

Dustin Moretz

Program Associate, Community ImpactCall team member at 651.325.4208

"We can serve as advocates, conveners, collaborators and funders in ways that make us an effective catalyst for community development and social change. It makes me excited to come to work every day."

Dustin works with the Community Impact department to support the organization’s grantmaking processes, affiliate foundations (Mardag Foundation & F. R. Bigelow Foundation), and the Foundations’ community initiatives.

He is a native Michagander who worked for a peace organization in Northern Ireland before coming to Minnesota. Dustin earned a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Trinity College in Dublin and also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies and Anthropology/Sociology from Albion College in Michigan.

Dustin is a world traveler who has been to India, Jordan, Israel, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Canada. In his spare time, he also hikes and explores the Twin Cities in search of the best coffee spot. He first became involved in philanthropy as a high schooler, serving on the youth council of the Jackson Community Foundation in Michigan and later a statewide youth grantmaker conference board.